Day 1 - Deadlifts - Running - Climbing

The first day of the first Northern California Classic kicked off with 7 minutes of deadlifts and burpees a three minute break and then 7 minutes of runs and ropes climbs. Images from day 1 can be found at the link below. We divided coverage of the different heats among the photographers, so I primarily have scaled teams, elite teams and the various female divisions. covered many of the men’s heats.


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The last 400 meters!

The last 400 meters!

Day 2 - 5k Trail Run and Events

The first event on Saturday was a 5k trail run along the Sacramento River. The course started out on pavement but quickly moved up some stairs and onto dirt. The course was relatively flat, but did drop down to the shore of the river and then scrambled back up. Three waves of athletes went off with chip timing to accurately score individual and teams. Images from the even can be found at the following link.


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The rest of the day was event 4 and 5. Event 4 was a clean ladder and Event 5 was the chipper.

EVENTS 4 & 5



Day 3 - Sunday Funday

The final day of competition included the massive wood wall. Athletes did burpees and got over the wall one way or another. Sometimes with a little help! The rest of the day included wall balls and pull-ups in a “death-by” format. The faster you went, the more you got to do. It was fantastic to see how deep some of you went. The last event was a calorie ride on the stationary bike followed by some heavy dumbbell snatches.

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Until next year or the next competition! If you need something you need something documented before next year, just reach out and we can book something!